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“I’ve been taking online jazz piano lessons with Jason for the past few months. Not only has he brought immediate results to keep me encouraged, he’s also balanced it with a comprehensive plan for achieving my long-term goals. The lessons are affordable, and as convenient as turning on my computer. But what gives me the most confidence is knowing that Jason is more than a talented teacher and musician. He’s dedicated to developing the gifts and abilities God has given me. Knowing that your teacher truly cares and is invested in you—even when you’re across the world in Tokyo—means more than anything.”


Ian Nagata, Tokyo, Japan


"Jason French is an excellent teacher! 


Both my daughter and son were under his careful instruction for 3 years and really came to understand the core concepts of chords, note recognition and to fully understand a piece of music before moving on to the next page in the book. Jason was fun-loving and firm.  His years of experience make his teaching come so easy.  My children also enjoyed seeing Jason as their Worship Pastor as well as their teacher.  It brought home that playing music is for the glory of God and not to keep for yourself! 


As a non-musical person, Jason always did well to explain to me what he was driving at with my children each time we finished a lesson so I could then assist them at home.


As a discipler, Jason was certain to assign "Bible" homework  with parents when "unpacking" the lyrics of a song. He was certain to teach that we cannot simply believe the words of the song to be true in themselves but rather to bring them to the truth of God's word to test for accuracy.  He never wanted the children to just move through a song without doing a 'lyrical exegesis' first."


Dan & Tracy Johnson | Parent

"Our three daughters had the opportunity to take lessons through Crossworks School of Worship and Music in Minneapolis. We have been so blessed by the ministry of Crossworks to not only teach the skills required to be a good musician, but more importantly, to have our daughters learn lessons in character and worship. 


Crossworks has a very unique focus (even among other Christian schools of music) in that the kids are taught how to use their gifts to give glory to God. Jason regularly built lessons of character and insights on worship into the lessons. 


He is gifted in teaching, bringing the Bible into all areas of life, and helping each child to work though areas of difficulty. Jason has helped our daughters to learn to see that the gifts God has given them need to be used in a God-centered, Christ-exalting, Spirit-filled way to worship the Lord and minister to others."

John & Rosemary Hinsverk | Parent

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