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 "After two years our kids are playing music we recognize and enjoy listening to. Jason has developed individualized lessons to meet each of our kids at their own developmental stages and the results are impressive. Our 10 year old son continues to find joy in learning. He recently raced out of his lesson saying, “ I just learned the coolest thing,” and brought me to the piano to show me. Our 12 year old had used the skills that Jason has taught her to learn other songs on her own. Our 14 year old was losing interest, but after spending some time talking with her, Jason reworked the lesson plans to give her small incremental goals that have now kept her interested and motivated.  Jason’s style of online learning has worked well for our family allowing us to stay at home rather than dragging our whole family out for an hour and a half."     
Grace and peace,
Jim Jordan
Training Leaders International
"I have often listened in on Jason French's piano and voice lessons with our children. I marvel at how the Lord has gifted him not only to be a musician and to teach musicians, but also how He weaves discipleship into every aspect of instruction. Our children have grown musically and I have been blessed and enriched spiritually listening to him talk to them about playing to serve, with humility.”  
Candice Watters with Steve Watters

"We are writing this letter in support of Jason French. Jason has instructed our 11-year-old daughter in both piano and vocals via video since 2019. Since then we have seen tremendous development in our daughter’s learning. Not only has Jason been able to help develop her skill set but she has learned from him the patience and discipline she needs to challenge herself more each week under Jason’s encouragement.

Jason has a unique approach to music. Jason’s approach is positive and one where nearly all of the elements of music are incorporated into every lesson. During his sessions, my daughter would both sing and play piano in a limited amount of time efficiently. His experience, personality and humorous approach appeals to her youthfulness that keeps her engaged, focused, and inspires her to want to learn more each week. Jason has also been able to help her gain more confidence in crucial techniques that she realized she never could have done without his direction. With that confidence, it makes her want to play and sing everyday on her own.

Jason has been a tremendous blessing to our daughter’s growth and helping her remain on track to becoming the best that she can be for the call and purpose that God has on her life. We are extremely pleased and excited to see him help her grow in her gifts and are looking forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

We highly recommend Jason to anyone at any age to help them develop their musical interests, he has been an absolute pleasure to work with and we could not imagine using anyone else!"


Frankie & Charity Brown

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